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We supply products for applications within the Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical and Pet food industries.

At ZPD, we want to enhance efficacy and safety in products for humans and animals and thereby achieve a better outcome. By staying in front of development and manufacturing of mucopolysaccharides in cooperation with dedicated professionals and organizations, we continuously strife to improving quality of life for a world ageing population. We are confident in our ability to create a better business for our customer through customized and committed solutions.

For 2 decades ZPD A/S has been a leading innovator in the manufacturing and development of glycosaminoglycan chondroitin sulfate sodium. Today each employee are contributing to create a sustainable environment and with high ethical standards.

“Our goal is to continuously strive for creating more sustainable, safe and available solutions that benefits an ageing world population. People worldwide are living longer and as our mission we have committed our belief in that only through dedication and commitment can we contribute to creating an ingredient helping patients with osteoarthritis”

Frank Marek
Executive Managing Director ZPD A/S

Zeria Group

The Zeria Group is guided by the fundamental idea that “Making health is making happiness” reasoning for why the group continuously strives to ensure products that improves quality of life.

As part of the Zeria Group, ZPD A/S has incorporated the philosophy set by the parenting company Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Zeria).

Today Zeria Group employs more than 1800 people worldwide. 

Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is mainly dedicated to research, manufacturing and marketing of ethical pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, holding a leading position within join health area with the Japanese famous health drug Chondroitin ZS Tablets®. Furthermore Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is specialized within the gastroenterology field in Japan. Zeria is listed on the Japanese stock exchange (4559:JP).

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The company’s orginal business concept, drived from the company’s founder, meatpacker Viggo Østergaard, who wanted to convert slaughterhouse waste into valuable pharmaceutical products.

The company started in 1950 with a production of heparin and plasma for animal feed. The production took place in the buildings belonging to Copenhagen Slaughter Houses – the Meat City – to secure a stable supple of raw materials.

In 1955, production was acquired with the foundation of Biofac A/S with the goal of using nature’s own raw material to produce active ingredients, primarily for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic industry. During the following years several new ingredients were developed herein including stabilized rumen extract and intrinsic factor.

The facility in Esbjerg, Denmark was established in 1998 and was acquired by Zeria Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. in 2010, establishing the independent subsidiary today as ZPD A/S.

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